JWT came to Habitat to find ways to launch the newly developed creative platform for the 80-year-old confectionary favourite Nestlé’s KIT KAT. The big idea – ‘making breaks more interesting’ – was to be realised via an experiential billboard using the famous line ‘have a break, have a KIT KAT’. The word ‘break’ would be omitted and in its place, an activity to while away some time and enjoy a KIT KAT. The question was, what activity? Oh, and we were to distribute as many samples as possible.


Habitat came back to the client with a raft of fun activities that would change from day to day, a method for engineering and producing the structure and a strategy for managing the entire experiential campaign. We secured sites at Customs House in Sydney and Southern Cross Station in Melbourne to conduct 6 days of experiential marketing and sampling activity.


The 6 days of activity yielded 850 billboard interactions, 98,500 samples distributed and an average daily footfall across each site of 92,500. The brand’s social media channels also enjoyed a dramatic upswing.

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