Senior Account Manager


Monte brings all the benefits of his vast experience in sales and production, and his love of music and culture to Habitat and our clients. His dedication to delivering the best results for the clients is renowned and he is constantly pushing his team to bring out their very best.


Current Listening:

I still can’t go past the War On Drugs, they are on high rotation daily. Been loving the new Diiv tracks and the new DMA’s record.

Favourite Brand:

Aesop. I love the stuff. Can’t get enough of everything they do and how they do minimal marketing. They’ve never used a face for the brand either which makes it even cooler. Honourable mentions to SONOS and Virgin Australia though, I have committal crushes on both

My ideal habitat consists of…

Lots of food, a few strewn guitars, no cucumber policy and SONOS speakers in every room.

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